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Dwayne Douglas Johnson also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, producer and professional wrestler. Originally billed as "Rocky Maivia", he gained mainstream fame in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/E) from 1996 to 2004, and was the first third-generation wrestler in the companys history. He returned to wrestling part-time for WWE from 2011 to 2013. Johnson is widely considered one of the all-time greatest professional wrestlers. Learn more?


Who Is The Rock?

Ring name: The Rock

Birthday: May 2, 1972

Born:Hayward, California

Mini Biography: Dwayne Douglas Johnson also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, producer and professional wrestler. Johnson was a college football player for the University of Miami, winning a national championship on the 1991 Miami Hurricanes football team. He later played for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League, and was cut two months into the 1995 season. This led him to become a professional wrestler like his grandfather, Peter Maivia, and his father, Rocky Johnson (from whom he also inherited his Canadian citizenship). Originally billed as “Rocky Maivia”, he gained mainstream fame in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/E) from 1996 to 2004, and was the first third-generation wrestler in the company’s history. He returned to wrestling part-time for WWE from 2011 to 2013. Johnson is widely considered one of the all-time greatest professional wrestlers.

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Dwayne as: Dr. Smolder Brainstorm

Release Date: Christmas


Release Date: April

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Posted by Website Staff
Date: December 14th

Dwayne Johnson gives a moving speech about his poor beginnings, hard work and family. He strives on knowing that his family is there with him through this entire journey.

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Date: December 14th

The Welcome To The Jungle: Jumanji cast talked the continuation of the epic movie, movie prep and more. To watch the full interview, click play above.


Posted by Website Staff
Date: December 14th

Dwayne sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to discuss reactions to he and girlfriend Lauren Hashian’s pregnancy announcement, getting a star on the walk of fame and more. For the full interview, watch the video above.


Posted by Website Staff
Date: December 5th

Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Joe Jonas take Paris by storm during their Jumanji press junket. The guys stop by the Quotidien Show and talk Jumanji and more.


Posted by Website Staff
Date: December 2nd

Dwayne Johnson gives us a behind the scenes look at becoming Dwanta Claus. Along with a bunch of laughs of course.


Posted by Website Staff
Date: December 2nd

It is the time of year for us to give back, because you guys have been loyal to us over the past 2 years. We just want to say thank you. But it is hard saying thank you and giving to over 2,000 of you so we have created a contest. Dwanta is on his way so we figured we have a Rockin’ Contest.

Create a holiday theme featuring Dwayne Johnson. You can use any photos you want. A group of my choosing will choose the top 5 themes. Once the themes are chosen, there will be a poll to decide the winner. No design is off limits, all we ask is if you keep it PG. Have fun!!! Before you get started, read the rules below.


Posted by Website Staff
Date: November 30th

Maybe you know him as an action star. Maybe you know him from his wrestling days, as the love-to-hate-him heel with one eyebrow perpetually cocked. Maybe you know him as a singing demigod from a certain Disney movie. Maybe you know him as that unflinchingly positive guy in your Instagram feed, live-streaming from the gym at 4 a.m. like some sort of impossibly buff motivational speaker. Regardless of how you know him, you know him — and you almost definitely like him. In a world where movie franchises are king, he’s his own franchise. And everybody likes the Rock.

Whether he’s blowing up the box office or just your social media feed, Dwayne Johnson has earned a reputation as Hollywood’s happiest and hardest-working leading man. Now, he’s spreading holiday cheer as the star of EW’s new cover, opening up about his past struggles, current triumphs, and future plans.

“I’ve realized that the No. 1 thing that keeps me motivated and positive is operating like my back’s against the wall,” Johnson tells EW. “Because when my back is against the wall, I feel like there’s only one way to go: You’ve gotta go forward.”

Up next is the action-comedy Jumanji: Welcome the Jungle, which picks up more than two decades after the beloved Robin Williams original. Johnson stars as the heroic adventurer Dr. Smolder Bravestone — or, more specifically, as a nerdy teenager named Spencer who’s been sucked into the jungle world of Jumanji and trapped in Smolder Bravestone’s body. It’s a role that both embraces the movie tropes Johnson’s known for playing and inverts them; in short, he gets to punch some bad guys, but he also has to lead his classmates (who are trapped in the bodies of Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black) through the jungle, all while trying not to break down in tears.

It’s been a while since Johnson has had to tap into his inner awkward teen, but that anxiety isn’t foreign to him. Between playing a high school student and shooting in Hawaii — where he spent some of his own youth — Jumanji found Johnson reflecting on his own adolescence. Sitting down with EW, Johnson opened up about his unlikely path to stardom, from multiple arrests as a teenager and getting cut from the Canadian Football League to wrestling for $40 in Memphis and finally getting cast in his first movie. Even then, it was years before Hollywood knew what to do with a 6-foot-5 wrestler.

“I feel like these days, having lived a bit, I’m on my fourth level, and I have a little bit of experience underneath my belt,” he says now. “There’s a greater level of self awareness that I have. Who I present to the public and who I am at home, I try to make sure they’re as closely connected as possible because I realized some time ago that the greatest and most important thing that I can be is just me.” And when you’re The Rock, that’s a pretty good thing to be.

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Posted by Website Staff
Date: October 17th

Dwayne Johnson is featured on this week’s episode.,

1. screencaptures

Posted by Website Staff
Date: October 13th

When Robin Williams set the template for what the lead character in a “Jumanji” movie should be like, it’s a daunting feat indeed to fill shoes of that size.

But the upcoming Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, a semi-direct continuation of the franchise that’s transitioned from board games to video games, wisely didn’t just double down on A-list talent to headline the film, it quadrupled its bet with an all-star cast of A-listers: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillen.

And while each of the stars may very much look the parts they’re playing – a quartet of 90s-style video game avatars – there was a little acting lure as well: they’re not just performing the iconic outer physiques of their roles, they’re playing the teenaged kids trapped inside as they contend with the wild and wooly dangers of the Jumanji jungle.

“It would be like if you took the characters from The Breakfast Club and put them in the world of Jumanji,” says Johnson, who joined his co-stars on the Hawaiian set of the film to offer a peek into their unconventional roles. “The idea that we’re all 16-year-old teenagers is just a great element for us to tap into.”

Dr. Smolder Bravestone

Johnson embodies the handsome, hugely muscled archeologist and explorer who serves as the avatar for misfit gamer Spencer Miller (played as a teenager by Alex Wolff).

“There was an element about the script that I really liked that took the spirit of the original movie and the spirit of the original story and added this other great layer to it,” says Johnson. “I’m decked out as this avatar, but in reality, in the real world, I’m a 16-year-old kid, which was a great juxtaposition. A 16-year-old kid who’s extremely uncomfortable to begin with, not a people person and an epic nerd.”

Johnson came well-equipped to play the creatively named avatar. “It’s Dr. Smolder Gravestone because throughout the film, I just, well, smolder,” he laughs. He also took more than a little inspiration from a very specific screen icon. “Indiana Jones is one of my top movies of all time. It was literally the movie when I was eight years old I thought, ‘Wow – I want to do that!’ Not necessarily that I want to be an actor, but ‘I want to be that guy!’ Like, ‘That guy’s cool!’”

“That’s why there’s nods in the movie to Harrison Ford and to that movie,” says Johnson, who even outfitted Bravestone with his own distinctive hat. “This is such a dorky thing, but this is my nod to Harrison. It’s kind of slung real low.”

Of Bravestone’s inner teen Spencer, producer Matt Tolmach says, “He’s like this super-smart, with a chip on his shoulder irreverent kid who is a gamer but who just doesn’t fit in yet. He hasn’t had his moment in life, and kind of lacks, in a very profound way, confidence. What avatar is he going to choose? He’s going to choose the avatar who is brave and courageous and these things that he thinks he lacks and so who is the antithesis of that? It’s Dwayne Johnson!”

“He’s playing against his sort of persona in the way that’s so funny,” says the film’s director Jake Kasdan, “but also really kind of brave. It requires a guy like that to be just completely game for anything. One of the things that’s so fantastic about working with him is he’s really funny and he has great sense of humor. He is a real comic performer, like, with some juice and some moves. He’s just incredibly good at that part of it.”

“This particular movie required him to really go for it and it’s very bold in that way,” adds Kasdan. “Something we were talking about all the time was ‘What would a nerd do in this situation?’ Luckily I have a lot of experience with that and was able to tell him exactly what an insecure, neurotic teenager would make of a given situation and we would sort of navigate that together. It was really fun doing it with him and he really made me laugh every day.”

Franklin “Moose” Finbar

Hart’s role stands in sharp contrast to Johnson’s: teenager Anthony “Fridge” Johnson (played by Ser’Darius Blain) is a popular school sports star who ends up in an expected avatar. “I play a small guy in a different world that’s the complete opposite of the high school version of who this individual really is,” says Hart, “But who he is on one side is completely different from the person that he’s forced to be on the other side.”

Fridge’s avatar is zoologist and weapons specialist Franklin “Moose” Finbar, whose substantial backpack is almost as big as he is, and he carries his literal and figurative arsenal against the wild. “I wanted to stand out,” says Hart. “Not come off like a clown, but come off as a person who embraced this world of the jungle, this Jumanji-esque world.”

“You get why this guy’s in there, from his backpack to his short shorts to all of the patches on his vest and him having over 15 pockets, to having to answer for any and everything when it comes to wild or when it comes to animals,” says Hart. “That’s the guy that you technically want to be with when you’re in these situations, and you get why his presence is felt.”

“He’s captain of the football team, he’s 6’5″, he’s a handsome guy, All-American – he’s the man. And then, he turns into Kevin,” laughs Johnson.

Ruby Roundhouse

Gillen’s role takes its cues from sexy action icons like Lara Croft on the outside, but is all awkward teen angst on the inside. “I play a character called Martha Schwartz, who is a bit of a nerdy teenage age girl,” Gillan explains. “She’s a bit of a geek. She’s very smart in school but not very good socially. She takes on the avatar of Ruby Roundhouse, who happens to be this really kick-ass, karate expert badass girl. She just does not know how to inhabit this body at all.”

Gillan related more to her role’s inner life, played as a teen by Morgan Turner. “I feel like I got cast because Jake the director could tell I was a bit of a nerd in high school,” she admits. “I was like ‘You’re absolutely right!’ I just have the mannerisms of a regular girl who is just like ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ I just don’t know what to do with it, and that’s exactly what I’m doing with the role – which is kind of nice, that I get to put an aspect of myself into it.”

Professor Shelly Oberon

Black got to take on a dual challenge: inside of the portly professor, an expert cartographer and cryptographer, is a gorgeous, popular teen girl named Bethany White (played by Madison Iseman).

“I play a girl who’s like the cutest girl in her high school – she’s a bombshell,” Black reveals. “When the game starts and we realize that our avatars are totally different, she’s a little bummed that she’s taken the shape of an overweight middle-aged man – but them’s the breaks! She learns some lessons along the way about superficiality.”

“In a weird way, I feel like it was the real life I was born to play,” chuckles Black. “It was very easy to tap into my inner 16-year-old girl – I don’t know why!”


In addition to the four leads, there’s an another ace in the hole in the already starry cast: Nick Jonas appears in the key – but still enigmatic – role of Alex, a jungle guide and adventure within the Jumanji game.

“I have to be select with what I say because I don’t want to give away any big secrets,” admits Jonas. “My character is someone that our four heroes find in the game — they’re trying to figure out what his purpose is and where he comes from and all the rest…He’s had some complications in the past that he’s had to overcome, in a certain sense.”

“Every avatar has certain kinds of strengths,” Jonas adds. “I have some that are really valuable and really helpful in my journey in the game, and some that maybe aren’t so helpful that you’ll see. Some that are funny, and some that make things a little more complicated.”

Kasdan says each of the Jumanji actors were cast for a common reason: “that they looked like a certain archetype, and could cut all the way against it. We knew that each one of them in different ways would be brilliant doing that. I do feel like we just really lucked out with the cast we got, because they’re all kind of fantastic.”

“Sometimes it takes taking a person out of their shell and putting them in a different one for them to realize who they really are,” says Hart.


Posted by Website Staff
Date: October 13th

Last October, a group of fellow journalists and I traveled to Hawaii to visit the set of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The upcoming film finds that the board game has taken a new form, this time as a video game. When four teenagers find themselves in detention, they discover the Jumanji video game. After booting it up and choosing characters to play, the get sucked into the game and discover they’ve been transformed into their avatar bodies. Armed with new abilities and no idea how to escape, the quartet must figure out how to finish the game and get back to the real world.

During a break in filming, Dwayne Johnson came over to talk to us about the project. In addition to being as charming as you’d think he would be, he talked about why he signed on both to star and produce, getting to play a 16-year-old trapped in the body of a man with no weaknesses, paying homage to Indiana Jones, how Kevin Hart angrily eats Doritos, trying to present the world of Jumanji to a new audience and more.

Check out the full interview below.

jumanji-welcome-to-the-jungle-final-poster. What was it about this project that … Because you’re producing it, you’re starring in it …

DWAYNE JOHNSON: Well, when it came to me, it was just really the opportunity to tell a great story. Hopefully, we tell a great story. It was the opportunity to take something that was beloved, that I loved, me and my family loved when we were, years ago, by the way. So, it was that.

You know, and so, it was the opportunity to tell a beloved story to a whole new audience. And the script came around, and when the script came around, it kind of, it really moved very quickly. So, the script came around for me in April. I read it. I really, really liked the script. I was scheduled to make a movie called “Rampage” with Brad Peyton. And we had to push it, and that will be the next movie I shoot after this, I’m sorry, after “Ballers.”

So, I had a window. And as these things happen in Hollywood, I got the script, really enjoyed the script, spoke with Jake our director. We had a great meeting, and things kind of just blossomed from there.

To your point. It’s a great point you bring up, is there was an element about the script that I really liked that took the spirit of the original movie and the spirit of the original story and added this other great layer to it. In this case, as you said, the great layer is that I am decked out, as I’m decked out right now, as this avatar, but in reality, in the real world, I’m a 16-year-old kid, which was a great juxtaposition, I think, just as an actor and then look as a producer and the opportunity to tell that kind of story.

So, in essence, it would be like if you took “The Breakfast Club” and those characters and put them in the world of Jumanji.

A lot of fun, by the way. And a great challenge, right? So, the great challenge of me being who I am as this avatar, it’s Dr. Smolder Bravestone because throughout the film, I just, well, smolder. Right?

But I didn’t. I have no control of it. I just did the smolder.

And then also, the juxtaposition of being a 16-year-old kid, whose extremely uncomfortable to begin with, and not a people person and an epic nerd.

What was fun for you to create that continuity between your performance and a teenage actor’s performance, in that you guys are kind of sharing the same role?

JOHNSON: Yeah, sure. It’s an interesting thing. So, my performance now will help inform how he’s going to play his high school self. So, he’s a … have you guys had a chance to meet him?

Not yet.

JOHNSON: A great actor, he’s in [Patriot’s Day] with Pete Berg, a buddy of mine. Like, he’s really, really fantastic. Yeah, so. So, yeah, my performances now will help inform him as he shoots his stuff. He’ll shoot some stuff here, and then he’ll also shoot in Atlanta.

Can you talk to me about the stunts that you have to do? What surprised you in this film that you haven’t done before?

JOHNSON: Well, let’s start with the animals, right? So, I don’t know if there’s stunts in this movie that I’ve never done before, but I think it’s the, it’s in how we’re executing them, and the variables that we’re placing around the stunts that would make them different. So, for example, in our world of Junkman, the animals are bigger, they’re meaner, they’re faster, so let’s start with the animals, right?

And then we also start with the fact that we’re pulling off all these stunts, again proficient and able, but as a 16-year-old kid too as well. So, there’s a really cool wish fulfillment factor that happens too. When I was 16 I would’ve loved to become, you know, whoever my favorite characters were, especially in video games.

So, there’s this really cool dynamic that I hope we pull off, and we execute properly, just were as I’m in these fight scenes—As I’m in these fight scenes because I’m a video game, like turbo-geek with video games, right? So, as I’m in these fight scenes, there’s a little cool element where I’m actually calling out the moves before I’m doing it. Like you know how a lot of times as we’re playing it’s oh (makes fight noises), if we do it right, it should be very funny.

Is there a game specifically that sort of informed that? That you play?

JOHNSON: That’s a good question. I got to come up with a better answer than I’m going to give you because I think, really, these are just like the video games of the 90s. So, in the spirit of the game itself, of the board game of Jumanji, that was in the 90s, you’ll see in the creative device that we’ve used within the movie it morphs into, it goes on the board game into the video game, but it still has the spirit of the 90s. So, it’s characters like that, that our very stereotypical characters from the 90s.

As we know Indiana Jones didn’t like snakes. Is there a certain animal in the jungle that Smolder Bravestone …

JOHNSON: Yeah. That’s a great question. And so, by the way, I mean this is, Indiana Jones, like a lot of us … one of my top movies of all time. It was literally the movie when I was eight-years-old I thought, “Wow, I want to do that.” Not necessarily I want to be an actor, but I want to be that guy. Like, that guy’s cool. That’s why there’s nods in the movie to Harrison Ford and to that movie, like I have my hat. This is such a dorky thing, but like, this, this is my nod to Harrison in “Star Wars.” So, just this and it’s kind of like slung real low. There’s like little things, little Easter eggs.

Wait, what was the question?

Animals that your character is afraid of?

JOHNSON: Oh, yes, all of them. Every single one. Literally, every single one. Yeah, because I’m terrified. Completely terrified. Completely out of my element. Video games I’m good at, but all this other stuff? No.

You talk about paying homage to the original, but like, not getting bogged down in it. Like, showing respect to it, but making it your own?

JOHNSON: Yeah, sure. So, that was the number one thing that I just wanted to have open dialogue with [Director] Jake [Kasdan] and [Producer] Matt Tolmach, our producers, and the studio. What is the way that we can pay homage to the original movie, not only to the original movie, but to Robin Williams in a way that felt good and that made people feel good, but yet, as you said, not get bogged down in it? So, I think we came up with some really nice ways to pay homage and yeah, I think the family is going to be very, very happy with it. Yeah.

And without giving too much away, there … the … Now, I’m biting my tongue right now.

You’ve made a lot of movies at this point. What was the special challenge or, I don’t know, the thing you had to rise to the occasion for, for this one? What was kind of the new element for you?

JOHNSON: I think it was creating … I think it was creating a movie that can compete with the other movies that come out, where it’s suppose to come out in the summer. And also, if it’s going to be an ensemble cast like this, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with some really good ensemble casts, great ones in “Fast and the Furious,” “G.I. Joe,” “Baywatch,” now. There is a certain dynamic that the cast has to have and when you think about “Jumanji” and you think about it because it’s a beloved movie, and it became even more beloved in the passing of Robin. So, it’s a great trigger that happens with people that I’ve found is that people are excited about it and hopeful and there’s a tremendous amount of trust. Like, okay. I get that sense. We trust you.

And when you have an ensemble cast like this, who hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to work together, I worked with Kevin in a movie before, and we’ve become really close, so there’s a nice dynamic that we have, but you never know how things are going to gel together. And in this case, we have … the cast just really came together, just in an incredible way. I signed on, Kevin was attached. Jack Black really was the first one to read the script well before us, and it wasn’t in the place that he had liked.

So, the challenge is to take something that’s beloved and present it in a way that is appealing to today’s audience, and also with “Jumanji” there’s a little bit of fantastic, magical element to it. And today’s movie-going audience, the challenge is really to create something special. So, they’re not massive visual effects in this. It’s not massive green screen work. There is some, and there’s some really great visual effects that we’re going to have, but you know, everything is pretty practical out here in the jungle. So, I think there’s going to be a really nice element of fantastical magical in the movie that I think audiences are really going to like.

What was it like working with Kevin the second time around? You guys seem to have a similar mindset when it comes to work, work, work, accomplish, accomplish, accomplish. So, what is like creating something, especially as something as big as this versus the last film you guys did?

JOHNSON: Yeah. I love Kevin, right? We’ve become really, really close. He’s like a brother to me, and we love fucking with each other. Excuse my language, but it’s the thing that we do. So, you know, with Kevin, Kevin is an ambitious guy. He likes to accomplish things. He’s a very busy guy. He believes in hardcore work ethic, which is great, but also, Kevin is one of the biggest stars in the world, certainly the biggest comedy star in the world.

And also, brings an element of self-deprecating humor to this movie and to movies that he’s in, which often times, over the years, I think when it … We’ve seen it in the past, where comedians rise to become a big star in Hollywood, sometimes it’s important to always be cool, and to look cool, and in Kevin’s case, I think he’s really done a great job, I think of checking that at the door. And just thinking about what’s going to make the movie funny. So, look, Kevin’s great. And also, again, the idea that we’re all 16-year-old teenagers is just a great element for us to tap into. Even Kevin. You know, Kevin starts out in the movie, he’s a massive teenager. He’s captain of the football team, he’s 6’5″, he’s a handsome guy, you know, All-American. He’s the man. And then, he turns into Kevin. Yeah.

There’s an Instagram post about angrily eating Doritos and people bursting into song on set, and I was curious who is doing that?

JOHNSON: Oh my God. It’s … I would say this is the most fun I’ve ever had on a set, especially with an ensemble group like this because the energy is really just so awesome, and everyone is really just great. And you guys know this, you’ve been in business, doing this a long time. You know, oh this actor is little touchy, or you can’t say this, you can’t say that, but this group is like so good.

So, yeah, Kevin angrily eats Doritos. You know. And the reason why he gets angry eating Doritos is because he prides himself on being a fitness fanatic, you know, right? So the moment he (makes eating sounds) and he’ll start eating, I’ll just look at him and he goes, “Go fuck yourself. Everyone go fuck themselves.” And Jack will just break out in beautiful song, great voice, right? He’s got that like Broadway voice, and Karen, if you guys didn’t know, she’s got pipes.

So literally, Jack starts writing a song, he starts singing a song, making it up on set that’s going to be … it’s just Broadway theme of “Jumanji” that he starts singing and he includes all us characters and then Karen starts singing, and Kevin eats his Doritos, and I’m calling it now, they’re going to sing it at the MTV Movie Awards. Very entertaining.

But yeah, the group is great. I mean, this is a really, really a great group. And Jake Kasdan has a great handle on the movie too. Oh, and by the way, back to your question, that’s another thing too, well whose …. because with a movie like this … with movies, directors are everything of course, it’s the ship that they run, but some movies, like you really have to have a very specific vision, especially when it relates to something like this, that’s on this scale, and that is the intention is to make a four-quadrant movie, which is not always that easy, but especially when you have to deliver the comedy. And Jake, has that right amount of edge that the film needs, which is great.

Well we’ve heard that the avatars have like, special abilities. So can you tell us what your special ability is?

JOHNSON: Yeah! Awesome! So, and this is the scene you’re going to see today, by the way. So, our special abilities come up, and special abilities are speed, let me get this right. I got it. My skills, my strengths are fearless, I’m fearless, speed, boomerangs, climbing, smoldering intensity. This is the funniest part. My weaknesses – none. It’s awful. It’s awful.

And then, Kevin, as you’ll see, like his strengths are carrying my backpack. Literally, he’s the backpack valet, the weapons valet. And he has another strength, but his weaknesses are cake and his weakness is strength. It’s very, very funny. So, you can imagine, you know when I read the script in April, I read it and I was like, “Wow, this is, this is really come along. This is awesome.”

So, and here we are.