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This week on HBO’s Ballers, It is finally the end of Season 1. This is episode 10, the season has to end with a bang right?

Spencer walks in to find his office in shambles. Everything is destroyed. When he asks what happened, they tell him Joe did it. He also finds out that he has a new assistant Virginia and she tells him that he is wanted in the boss’s office. When he gets there, Mr. Anderson asks him if he loves his new office, then he tells him that Joe quit. Spencer tells him that he thought he was fired. He tells him that he has been promoted and Joe couldn’t handle it. He tells Spencer because of his success, he picked him for the promotion.

Spencer leaves Mr. Anderson and heads over to Joe’s house. He asks Joe what happened and Joe says that he wasn’t appreciated there. He was fired. Joe tells Spencer that he wants to start his own company. Spencer tells him from all of Joe’s recklessness at the bar, he is strapped for cash. At least not enough to start a company. Joe says he has money stashed away. Enough to convince a bank to loan him the money. Spencer asks Joe if he knows how to run a company because he doesn’t. Joe wants Spencer to join him.

Spencer finds out that Vernon is still MIA and the Dallas deal is still time sensitive. They find Vernon on Flamingo Island taking photographs. Spencer tells them that they were worried and that it wasn’t cool doing so. Spencer tells Vernon that his deal is due within the day. Spencer tells him the details of the deal and he is excited.

Now this next scene we see Virginia taking a message for Spencer. We hear a woman in the background and you will see what happens…..

Mr. Anderson soon comes the way of Spencer’s office. Virginia yells “hey Mr. Anderson” so Spencer can get himself together and Tracy can leave. Mr. Anderson walks in and asks what did he miss? Spencer tells him she is an old high school friend.
Spencer tells Mr. Anderson that Joe told him that he was fired. Mr. Anderson tries to make an excuse for it but it doesn’t work. Mr. Anderson tries to bribe Spencer more by buying him a boat.

Joe calls for Spencer to come look at an office building. While there Spencer tells Joe that he is not ready for this endeavor and Joe walks out.

Spencer travels to Mr. Anderson’s house and he tells him to let Joe come back to the company. He gives an inspiring speech on how being at the top of the sports dynasty doesn’t happen without him, Joe and Mr. Anderson. He further says that this is a package deal and that he can take it or leave it.

Spencer meets up with Joe later that night before Vernon’s party to persuade him further to come back to the company. Joe agrees and they party. Also he makes things right by Reggie and tells him some plans for the future.

Enjoy the Season 1 Finale

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