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Wayne Hastings reveals he doesn’t plan to finance the Vegas deal, he just wants to be the face of it. Spencer and Joe scramble to put together a convincing sales pitch to attract new investors. Charles tries to reconcile Coach Berg and Siefert over a home-cooked deal, prepared by Julie, but neither man is looking to make up. Joe tests out an advanced new Virtual Reality technology and is excited by its potential. He recommends Vernon invest in it instead of risking his career on cannabinoids. Candace Brewer still isn’t pleased with Spencer and his plans for Las Vegas. She pressures Spencer into reconsidering his stadium deal by placing additional scrutiny on his clients, starting with an unannounced drug test for Vernon.

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One response to “Ballers Season 3 Ep 5: Make Believe”

  1. Roland Kelly says:

    Song playing in the background @ 23:19 when Rock was in a bar with Candace Brewer, the lady from the NFL discussing Vernon’s piss test. Pleaaassseee!

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