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Dwayne Johnson is clearly in his own league within his movie career, but he wasn’t always on top. Before Dwayne made a name for himself, he had to go through a long journey of poverty, low self esteem, juvenile deliquency and depression. Yes a guy with Dwayne’s good looks and charm can end up depressed. Through his hard work and positive focus, Dwayne surpassed all of that to be one if not the hardest working men in showbiz.

Dwayne Douglas Johnson was born on May 2nd 1972. Growing up, his father was on the road a lot (Wrestler Rocky Johnson) which left his mom as a single parent. His teenage years were rough and he got into a lot of trouble. One teacher would change his entire life forever. He introduced him to football. Through football, Dwayne found out about hard work and responsibility. He played through college and was drafted to a Canadian League, but injuries sidelined him for good. Dwayne then moved on to wanting to become a wrestler. He knew all about the wrestling lifestyle since he watched his father growing up. So his dad trained him for the WWE.

At the 1996, Dwayne Johnson debuted as Rocky Maivia (a name derived from his father and grandfather’s name) Dwayne was what most call a third generation wrestler, since his grandfather and father were both wrestlers. The beginning of his career saw him become intercontinental champion, but that was all. Dwayne bowed out for awhile due to injury and before he came back, he asked Vince McMahon (The Chairman of WWE) if he could have a few minutes to get on the microphone. Vince ultimately agreed, and this is when The Rock was born.

The Rock was a third person talking, no care for anyone but THE GREAT ONE, character who soon was a household name. The Rock won the intercontinental champion and world championship on numerous occassions. He feuded with some of the greats such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, HHH, Bill Goldberg and John Cena. Now in the new age of the WWE, The Rock is on a part time basis due to the popularity of his movie and acting career.

In 2000, The Rock was featured in the movie The Mummy and ever since then been in dozens of movies including the ever so fast paced and popular Fast & The Furious Franchise. In 2015, Dwayne added another notch to his belt as father. He already had a teenage daughter Simone who he was very protective of. Also Dwayne debuted a new half hour HBO series Ballers, which is about to begin it’s third season in July. Don’t think Dwayne is taking a break either. he has his own production company Seven Bucks Production and has a host of movies in production and headed to theaters. To us Dwayne will always be THE GREAT ONE! He lives up to that name and more.

Dwayne’s WWE BIO

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