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31 May 2015
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This year for the Teen Choice Awards, you get the chance to tweet who you want to get each award. For the past two years, Dwayne has had incredible years in movies and TV. So he did his part. It’s time for us to do our part. Tweet your choice for best actor, social media King and more. Just go to TeenChoiceAwards To tweet your vote NOW!!

30 May 2015
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UPDATE, 1:30 PM: Warner Bros.-New Line/Village Roadshow’s San Andreas is looking pretty sturdy. Early industry estimates show an estimated $15M Friday with an opening weekend of $39M-$41M. That’s right above the vicinity of Dwayne Johnson’s solo openers, i.e. The Scorpion King ($36.1M) and Hercules ($29.8M), and on par with the actor’s franchise sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation ($40.5M). Fueling the friction on San Andreas‘ plates are 3,200 3D engagements out of its 3,777 total and Imax showtimes, which the Brad Peyton-helmed film is splitting with Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland.

Hercules posted a first Friday of $11.05M last July. Scorpion King which bowed 13 years ago in late April, minted $12.6M. According to tracking this morning, San Andreas was the most popular with men over 25 with a 91% total awareness and 16% first choice.

While Sony’s Aloha could take second tonight with an estimated $4.5M at 2,815 venues, it looks to wind up with a weekend of $12.3M which could put it fourth for the weekend behind Tomorrowland in second and Universal’s Pitch Perfect 2 in third. Aloha in tracking is hitting women over 25 at 71%, but with a low first choice for the demo at 6%.

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Tom 60 mins
Whoa San Andreas is start to finish so much better than it has any right to be….
PREVIOUS, 7:13 AM: San Andreas shook $3.1M out of moviegoers’ pockets last night. Sony’s Cameron Crowe romantic comedy Aloha also started hula-dancing with $500K at 2,275 theaters.

The Warner Bros.-New Line/Village Roadshow title is hoping for a $40M launch for the Brad Peyton film, which marks the director’s second outing with star Dwayne Johnson after Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. San Andreas will be sending seismic shocks into 3,777 theaters today, 85% of which are in 3D. Titles in the Roland Emmerich canon, i.e. 2012 and The Day After Tomorrrow, are the high points with the disaster film at the B.O., repping the genre’s heyday. 2012 posted a first Friday of $23.4M before raking in a $65.2M weekend, while TDAT, a Memorial Day release, also earned a first Friday of $23.5M followed by a $68.7M FSS.

San AndreasPer Fandango, San Andreas is far and away the weekend’s top ticket seller. San Andreas is outselling Johnson’s previous actioners Hercules and Journey 2 at the same point in the Fandango sales cycle. Last night’s ticket sales are, of course, rolled into Friday’s results.

On social, Dwayne Johnson, who is quite active, has a reach of 72.8M folks across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. While the San Andreas Facebook page only has 526K followers according to RelishMix, the page’s videos are driving impressions very well with 65.2M Facebook total views and the top San Andreas trailer from March at 44M views. YouTube views are building well over the last week up to 29M with top daily views on the 70k per day range. Reposting is also strong at an earned, owned ration of 24 to 1.

Other good news for Warner Bros.: Their Mad Max: Fury Road crossed the $100M mark on Wednesday with its current cume at $102.3M.

While this weekend will obviously be down from the holiday frame a week ago, it is certain to be off from the $166.5M ticket sales that the frame rang up a year ago. That’s when Walt Disney’s Angelina Jolie Sleeping Beauty spinoff Maleficent worked its magic at the B.O. with a $69.4M opening.

Aloha is the second widest opener today in 2,815 venues. Crowe’s previous outing, the PG-rated We Bought a Zoo, was quite the Christmas sleeper in 2011 when it bowed to $9.4M and generated a crazy 8x multiple for a final domestic cume of $75.6M. While Aloha is expected to only make $8M-$10M this weekend, the hope is that the star-filled film (with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams) will stick around as counter-programming throughout the summer.

Credit: Deadline.com

18 Apr 2015
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The seventh installation to The Fast and the Furious has soared to new heights. After making one of the biggest premieres in April alone, it has burst past the $1 Billion record. True there are higher movies like Avatar but the Furious 7 movie has broken a record. For Avatar and the other movies, it took about 20 days to get there. 7 only took 17 days to reach this milestone. Globally ticket sales are over $1.009, $739 million overseas alone. $274 million in North America. I don’ t know if it was the over the top trailers or the fact that people wanted to see how the remaining  cast members would pay tribute to the late Paul Walker, but this movie is on the way to the very top.

I have recently seen the movie and lets just say all of your emotions will be used for this movie. With the success of the first 7 installments, hopefully the saga continues.

                                        By: CiCi

April 17,2015

12 Apr 2015
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The winner of the week in none other than…drum roll please: The Rock. With a record-shattering film, a new show from HBO, and complete domination of karaoke, Dwayne Johnson has won the week. This is yet another achievement for the former WWE star, whose own magnetism nears levels that might throw off the Large-Hadron Collider.

On the other side of the spectrum, in terms of winning, is the perennial loser of the sea – cod. The Rock, in Muscle & Fitness magazine, broke down his diet, which consists of over 36 oz. of cod a day. That’s 821 pounds of cod a year. Good cod that’s a lot of cod!

Expect things to get worse for cod as thousands of Rock-wannabes look for nutrition in the pushover of the seas. It’s going to be a massacre.

April 10, 2015

07 Apr 2015
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The high-octane “Furious 7” peeled out of the gates in its opening weekend, picking up a stunning $143.6 million from 4,004 locations to easily top the domestic box office, according to Rentrak estimates Sunday.

The expectation-shattering sum is a studio and franchise best for the homegrown car-obsessed series, which has continued to grow over the past few films.

“Furious 7,” now the ninth-biggest opening of all time, also unseats previous April record-holder “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” which opened to $95 million on the same weekend last year.

While the “Fast and Furious” films have grown in popularity over the past three films, the mega-opening for “Furious 7” was also at least partially tied to audience interest in star Paul Walker, who died in a car crash in Nov. 2013 before the film was completed.

Production on “Furious 7” was halted while the filmmakers and Universal decided whether or not to proceed with the film. The team ultimately decided to delay the release from its originally scheduled July 2014 date.

“It probably created some curiosity, but, at the same time, (the film) fits in so well with the overall continuing saga of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise,” Nick Carpou, Universal’s president of domestic distribution, said of Walker.

“It’s a motivator, but it’s not by any means the prime motivator the see the movie,” he added.

There is also a sense that massive openings like “Furious 7” point to the creeping of summer blockbuster season, which seems to be starting earlier and earlier as studios try to stake their claim on prime dates.

But for Carpou, in a 52-week-a-year release strategy, the demarcation of a summer blockbuster is almost irrelevant when it comes to getting audiences to turn out in droves for a film.

“It’s that corny old adage that if you build it, they will come,” he said, adding that the impressive February debut of “Fifty Shades of Grey” helps prove his point.

Paul Dergarabedian, Senior Media Analyst for box office firm Rentrak, thinks that this is a liberating trend for studios who once clamored for the first weekend in May release date.

“Studios are finding tremendous value in putting their movies in non-traditional corridors,” he said.

As the most ambitious release in Universal’s history, “Furious 7” opened on 10,005 screens internationally as well, picking up $240.4 million from 63 territories for a $384 million worldwide debut — a 48 percent increase over “Fast & Furious 6.”

The film will also debut in Russia, Poland, Japan, and China in the coming weeks.

Holdovers populated the rest of the top spots with DreamWorks Animation’s “Home” earning $27.4 to take a distant second place. “Get Hard” brought in an estimated $12.9 million, while “Cinderella” and “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” rounded out the top five with $10.3 million and $10 million, respectively.

But it’s all about “Furious 7” for the next few weeks. The film has the roads to itself until Disney and Marvel’s “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” hits theaters on May 1.

“This could be the first in the franchise to flirt with the billion dollar mark,” Dergarabedian said.

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Rentrak. Where available, the latest international numbers for Friday through Sunday are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

1. “Furious 7,” $143.6 million ($240.4 million international).

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at international theaters (excluding the U.S. and Canada), according to Rentrak:

Furious 7,” $240.4 million.

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06 Apr 2015
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Lilian Garcia introduces Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who are in the ring. She announces 76,976 people in Levi’s Stadium, a new attendance record. Stephanie goes on and turns on everyone by saying they’re all here for her and her husband. Triple H takes the mic and heels on the crowd too, saying beating Sting was like beating all 76,976 of them. He goes on about how they own all the fans, they own the Divas, they own the Superstars… The Rock’s music hits and out he comes to a huge pop.

The Rock takes his time getting to the ring and soaks it all in. Fans cheer for him. Rock hits the ring and they chant “this is awesome” now. Stephanie says she gets it, people are happy to see him but need to be quiet now. Rock can’t speak yet because everyone is going nuts. Rock says they don’t own the fans and damn sure don’t own him. Rock gets a pop for being an East Bay Boy. Rock tells them they have two choices – Triple H can go dress up like Terminator again or they can create a WrestleMania Moment right here, right now. Rock cuts a promo and is in Triple H’s face now. Triple H doesn’t back down and steps up. Triple H say they had a helluva ride and he remembers kicking Rock’s ass for most of it. Triple H says he has nothing to prove to Rock. Rock says Triple H has clearly left his balls in Stamford, CT. Rock readies for a fight as Triple H takes his jacket off. Stephanie gets in between them and says Rock just has a chip on his shoulder and plays up to the crowd to feed his ego. Stephanie says Rock knows that without the McMahons, there would be no Rock.

She brings up Rock’s father and grandfather, saying they all owe the McMahon family. Fans chant for Shane McMahon. Rock says she’s talking about the Johnsons and the McMahons but the truth is she wouldn’t be in power if it wasn’t for Vince McMahon’s Johnson. Stephanie slaps him. She asks Rock what he’s going to do, hit a woman? She yells at him that this is her house, her people. She yells at Rock to get the hell out of the ring. Rock backs away and Stephanie taunts him big time. She keeps going on and Rock stops. He walks back around the ring where UFC’s Ronda Rousey is sitting. Fans start chanting Rousey’s name. Rousey stares Stephanie down and the crowd pops. Rousey hops the barrier and Rock walks with her into the ring. A “holy shit” chant starts as the four face off. A “Ronda’s going to kill you” chant starts. Rock says he would never hit a woman but he has a very good friend who would be happy to. Stephanie says she and Ronda are friends, Rock might not know that. Stephanie says she’s a big fan and Ronda is a fan of hers. Stephanie says the Four Horsewomen were ringside for her SummerSlam match. Stephanie tells Ronda to tell everybody but she won’t. Stephanie hopes Rock didn’t feel Ronda’s head with hopes and dreams of a WrestleMania Moment. Stephanie says that’s ridiculous and won’t happen. Stephanie says in the world of MMA she would be foolish to mess with Ronda but this is the squared circle, this is her ring. Stephanie says unless Ronda is going to enjoy WrestleMania like a nice little fan, she can get the hell out. Ronda says any ring she steps into is hers. If Stephanie wants her to leave, she needs to make her.

Stephanie gets serious and tells Ronda to get the hell out of her ring… now. Ronda gets angry looking too. Rock says that look means she’s about to reach down Stephanie’s throat and play jump rope with her Fallopian tubes. Triple H laughs. He says that’s the last thing Rock is going to say about his wife. Rock hears him and agrees… Rock decks Triple H and fights him into the corner. Triple H comes out stumbling and Ronda takes him down. Stephanie tells Ronda not to touch her husband again. Stephanie gets in her face and runs her mouth. Stephanie swings but Ronda blocks her and grabs her arm. Stephanie screams and goes down. Ronda picks her back up by her arm and shoves her back to the mat. Stephanie retreats out of the ring with Triple H. Rock says that’s called being owned and that’s the biggest WrestleMania Moment of the night with The Rock and Ronda Rousey laying the SmackDown on their candy asses. Rock and Ronda stand tall as Triple H backs up the ramp with Stephanie. Rock and Triple H have words. Rock raises Ronda’s arm as the crowd pops and his music plays.

Credit: pwmania.com

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