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As we sit back and ponder over the eventful 2018, we see that there were definitely highs and lows. As the only site for Dwayne, I feel the need as site owner/webmiss to explain the ups and downs of supporting your fave and running a site. On April 10th of this year, it will be 4 YEARS since the site has opened and before I get into what’s to come, I would like to take the time to thank all of the followers throughout social media for staying updated with the site. For all of the videos, photos and comments, thank you. For all of you who have been here since the beginning, I appreciate you more than you know. This is one of many sites I have and I love doing what I do. Have I been updating in a timely manner? No. Are there updates missing? Yes. When life grabs a hold on you and turns everything on it’s head, you can’t do anything about it. Life for me in 2018 has been a complete world-wind.

A few years ago, when I started this site, I had a lot of help. I still have a little help, but as you all know Dwayne Johnson is one busy guy. From project ventures to movies, he does a year’s worth of work in a month lol. I still love and adore Dwayne as much as I did when I started this site. I am working extremely hard on missing updates. To go along with that, I started a new job this past Summer and to say it runs my afternoon and a few hours of my night. I plan on making changes. I have actually started making changes as you can see with the overhaul makeover of the site. Here is more that you can look forward to….

– New Content
– New Show Coverage
– Movie Reviews
– Gallery Additions
– Giveaways and more!!!!!!

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