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Dwayne Douglas Johnson also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, producer and professional wrestler. Originally billed as "Rocky Maivia", he gained mainstream fame in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/E) from 1996 to 2004, and was the first third-generation wrestler in the companys history. He returned to wrestling part-time for WWE from 2011 to 2013. Johnson is widely considered one of the all-time greatest professional wrestlers. Learn more?


Who Is The Rock?

Ring name: The Rock

Birthday: May 2, 1972

Born:Hayward, California

Mini Biography: Dwayne Douglas Johnson also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, producer and professional wrestler. Johnson was a college football player for the University of Miami, winning a national championship on the 1991 Miami Hurricanes football team. He later played for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League, and was cut two months into the 1995 season. This led him to become a professional wrestler like his grandfather, Peter Maivia, and his father, Rocky Johnson (from whom he also inherited his Canadian citizenship). Originally billed as “Rocky Maivia”, he gained mainstream fame in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/E) from 1996 to 2004, and was the first third-generation wrestler in the company’s history. He returned to wrestling part-time for WWE from 2011 to 2013. Johnson is widely considered one of the all-time greatest professional wrestlers.

Current Projects

Ballers Season 3

Release Date: July 2017


Dwayne as: Black Adam

Release Date: TBA


Release Date: TBA (2017)

Jungle Cruise

Release Date: TBA

Big Trouble In Little China

Dwayne as: Burton

Status: Production

Release Date: TBA

Dwayne Johnson’s Tweets

Power of choice. Think about this one for a second.... nicksanto534 was born with one arm and… instagram.com/p/BZZJpsVFt-y/

About 15 minutes ago from Dwayne Johnson's Twitter

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Posted by Website Staff
Date: May 4th

Over this past weekend, many from all over the world came together on social media to wish the always electrifying Dwayne Johnson a Happy Birthday. From former wrestlers to current co stars in his recent box office movies. Dwayne seemed to be the man of the day on Saturday as he celebrated his 43rd birthday. Many news sources such as Billboard and Comic Con also paid tribute to the Brahma Bull by posting reasons why they love The Rock. But one wish in particular that I didn’t think would happen this year was the #AnnualBirthdayTweet from the GOAT of boxing Muhammad Ali, but it did. As you know, Dwayne constantly lets us know who is important in his life, although he only follows 1 person on Twitter and that person is Ali. We know that we are in Dwayne’s heart when he goes far and beyond to stop throughout his busy day to give hugs, take pictures and yes photo bomb pictures with fans. We stand by him another year because of his generous and kind acts. One example is The Easter Miracle, a fan who had been fighting cancer spotted Dwayne’s truck and ran behind it calling out to him in hopes of getting noticed. Well he got noticed. The truck pulled over and The Great One himself got out and spent a few minutes with the young man. After the encounter Dwayne posted to his Instagram about how the whole visit brought him to tears. It’s like he was thinking, “I don’t know why some people go through what they go through, but I do it all for them.” Those tears signified to me that yes he is hard working and is well known but he hasn’t lost sight of what’s really important. Dwayne is now busy filming a new movie with comedic great Kevin Hart called Central Intelligence set for release in 2016. Also at the end of this month on May 29th the earth shattering disaster film San Andreas will hit theaters.

So if you are a fan of The Great One keep following because there is more to come.

Also attached is the video that our site made for Dwayne on his birthday.

By: CiCi

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Posted by Website Staff
Date: April 29th

What we should all learn about Dwayne Johnson is that when it comes to family, he will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. “The movie is about the largest earthquake ever recorded hitting California, and the effects of that,” explains the professional wrestler, known as The Rock, turned “Fast and Furious” movie star.

“I’m an LAFD rescue pilot, and me and my estranged wife (Carla Gugino) set out for San Francisco — which is hit by an epic tsunami — to find our daughter (Alexandra Daddario).

“There’s the epic nature of what you see in the trailer, but there’s also a real strong story about family,” Johnson continues. “I like having those elements because the visual effects are going to be there, the magnitude of the scope and scale will be there, and I think if we can ground it and root it in something we can all relate to, which is family, that’ll be great.”

Although he is famous for his moniker “The Rock”, he isn’t always strong. Yes, he does have moments where he almost loses his mind (panicking). Like the times when he couldn’t find his air pocket at the top of a massive Australian water tank inside of which he filmed submerged San Francisco shots.

Sure he wanted too try doing disaster drama first hand, but what drew him to the movie was being a divorced father. Family is EVERYTHING to Dwayne and that is one of the main reasons he took the role as Agent Hobbs in the Fast and the Furious Franchise, which latest installment Furious 7 wrecked box offices across the world. If San Andreas is anything like the Fast Franchise, look out Hollywood!

By CiCi
April 28, 2015

Posted by Website Staff
Date: April 25th


IMG_2588 (1)

The Samoan Dynasty begins with the leader High Chief Peter Maivia. He entered the WWE in the late 1970’s.He was well known because of his descriptive tattoos indicating his status as a Samoan High Chief.

High Chief had a son Rocky Johnson who after being trained by His father debuted in 1964.He won the WWF Tag Team titles once in 2008 was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Next in line are The Wild Samoans (Sika and Afa) who held 21 tag team title championships around the world.

Yokozuna is next in line. He was trained by Afa Anoa’i. He debuted in the WWE in 1984.He was a two time WWF Champion and two time WWF Tag Team Champion. He also won the 1993 Royal Rumble.

In 1985 Rikishi debuted after being trained by Afa and Sika (The Wild Samoans) He won the WWF Intercontinental Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship twice. He also went into the Hall of Fame class of 2015.

The Headshrinkers (Fatu and Samu) debuted in 1988. They won the WWF Tag Team Championship once in their career.

Umaga is next who was trained by Afa Anoa’i. He debuted in the WWE in 1995. He was WWE Intercontinental Champion twice.

Next in line and one of the most popular of them all is Dwayne Johnson (Who goes by the ring name The Rock) He was trained by his father Rocky Johnson and debuted in 1996 at the Royal Rumble. He’s an eight time WWE Champion and two time WWE Intercontinental Champion. He was also WWE Tag Team Champion 5 times. Won the Royal Rumble in 2000. Eight time Slammy Award winner. Johnson’s seventh world title reign was undisputed champion.

Up Next Jimmy and Jey Uso who debuted in 2007. Sons of Rikishi, they have won the WWE Tag Team titles on two occasions.

Finally, The Samoan Power House Roman Reigns (Sika’s son). Trained by his father and uncle, Reigns debuted in the WWE in 2010 within The Shield Stable. He was known as the muscle of the group. He gained the WWE Tag Team titles with his group mate Seth Rollins, He won Royal Rumble 2015, and he is a 5X Slammy Award winner with his latest being Superstar of The Year in 2014.

The Samoan Dynasty is not just a group of men with the same heritage. The Samoan Dynasty is a family. A family that has worked through their blood, sweat, and tears to make it in the WWE. As for The Rock, The Usos, and Roman Reigns they will make sure that blood is never thicker than water. Success is never achieved by turning your back on family.

By: CiCi
April 25,2015

Posted by Website Staff
Date: April 22nd


Freedom grad Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be back for “Fast & Furious 8,” as the seventh installment of the “Fast & Furious” franchise breaks records. On Friday the film which stars Johnson, along with Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker, became the fastest movie to gross $1 billion worldwide in just 17 days. Having earned $1.153 billion, it is now the seventh highest-grossing film of all time.

Johnson told MTV News that “Fast & Furious 8” might be set in New York City.
Johnson also signed with Disney to voice the demi-god Maui for the studios next animated musical “Moana.”

In the film, a young woman uses her navigational talents to set sail for a fabled island and is joined by her hero, Maui.
On Facebook, Johnson confirmed he will be singing in the film “Manly and off key of course” he said.
“Moana” is set for a Nov. 26, 2016 release.

Next up on the big screen for Johnson is the 3-D disaster flick “San Andreas” which is coming out May 29 and in which Johnson plays a helicopter pilot who makes a dangerous journey across the state in order to rescue his estranged daughter in the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California.

Johnson, who attended Freedom High School in 11th and 12th grades, was the box office champion at the movies in 2013, according to Forbes magazine, which said his movies generated $1.3 billion in ticket sales.


Morning Call
April 20, 2015


Posted by Website Staff
Date: April 18th


The seventh installation to The Fast and the Furious has soared to new heights. After making one of the biggest premieres in April alone, it has burst past the $1 Billion record. True there are higher movies like Avatar but the Furious 7 movie has broken a record. For Avatar and the other movies, it took about 20 days to get there. 7 only took 17 days to reach this milestone. Globally ticket sales are over $1.009, $739 million overseas alone. $274 million in North America. I don’ t know if it was the over the top trailers or the fact that people wanted to see how the remaining  cast members would pay tribute to the late Paul Walker, but this movie is on the way to the very top.

I have recently seen the movie and lets just say all of your emotions will be used for this movie. With the success of the first 7 installments, hopefully the saga continues.

                                        By: CiCi

April 17,2015

Posted by Website Staff
Date: April 13th

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards - Show

Dwayne Johnson has been a busy man. Coming off of huge success with Furious 7, he took on MTV this week to promote his new movie San Andreas which hits theaters on May 29th. Dwayne stopped by the studios to not only take over MTV Takeover with the new movie trailer, but he also made several hilarious videos with interviewers.

He was not done there, Dwayne Johnson also appeared at tonight’s awards to give out Movie of the Year which he also laid some humorous taglines down for each movie. From Selma to Fault Within Our Stars, Johnson made sure to sum up the movies just fine without giving away the whole movie.

The MTV Movie Awards premiered LIVE on MTV at 7 pm Central time


Posted by Website Staff
Date: April 12th


The winner of the week in none other than…drum roll please: The Rock. With a record-shattering film, a new show from HBO, and complete domination of karaoke, Dwayne Johnson has won the week. This is yet another achievement for the former WWE star, whose own magnetism nears levels that might throw off the Large-Hadron Collider.

On the other side of the spectrum, in terms of winning, is the perennial loser of the sea – cod. The Rock, in Muscle & Fitness magazine, broke down his diet, which consists of over 36 oz. of cod a day. That’s 821 pounds of cod a year. Good cod that’s a lot of cod!

Expect things to get worse for cod as thousands of Rock-wannabes look for nutrition in the pushover of the seas. It’s going to be a massacre.

April 10, 2015

Posted by Website Staff
Date: April 11th

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is all about making deals and dollars in his newest role.

Johnson premiered a short trailer for his upcoming HBO series Ballers on his Instagram account shortly before HBO posted the full trailer, offering a first look at his role as retired football player Spencer Strassmore.

Ballers focuses on a group of players, both retired and still active, and takes a look at their personal and professional lives. Johnson is joined by a cast that includes Omar Benson Miller, John David Washington, Rob Corddry, and LeToya Luckett.

The show was created by Steve Levinson, who wrote the pilot, which is directed by Peter Berg.

Ballers is only one of many projects for Johnson, who recently announced a partnership with USA Network, is starring in the upcoming San Andreas, and just came off the box office success of Furious 7 and a well-received stint hosting Saturday Night Live. Oh, and he even had time to lip sync to Taylor Swift.

Ballers is set to debut on June 21 alongside True Detective and The Brink.

Entertainment Weekly
April 10, 2015

Posted by Website Staff
Date: April 11th

If there’s anything that can bring two ex-spouses together, it’s a life-or-death situation. And to say that San Andreas is about a life-or-death situation is an understatement.

In the film, Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino play the exes, who are brought together by the search to find their daughter after an enormous earthquake hits the west coast. MTV has a new clip from the film, which shows Ray (Johnson) attempting a helicopter rescue of his ex-wife when things take a turn for the worse. Let’s just say it’s hard to rescue someone when the entire world around them is collapsing.

Entertainment Weekly
April 10, 2015

Posted by Website Staff
Date: April 9th

Dwayne Johnson visited MTV studios to be apart of the MTV Takeover. While there he took part in some videos and showed his humorous side while doing it humorously. Dwayne Johnson was just apart of one of the biggest openings worldwide (Furious 7) which was the biggest opening in April.



April 9, 2015