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Dwayne Douglas Johnson also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, producer and professional wrestler. Originally billed as "Rocky Maivia", he gained mainstream fame in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/E) from 1996 to 2004, and was the first third-generation wrestler in the companys history. He returned to wrestling part-time for WWE from 2011 to 2013. Johnson is widely considered one of the all-time greatest professional wrestlers. Learn more?


Who Is The Rock?

Ring name: The Rock

Birthday: May 2, 1972

Born:Hayward, California

Mini Biography: Dwayne Douglas Johnson also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, producer and professional wrestler. Johnson was a college football player for the University of Miami, winning a national championship on the 1991 Miami Hurricanes football team. He later played for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League, and was cut two months into the 1995 season. This led him to become a professional wrestler like his grandfather, Peter Maivia, and his father, Rocky Johnson (from whom he also inherited his Canadian citizenship). Originally billed as “Rocky Maivia”, he gained mainstream fame in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/E) from 1996 to 2004, and was the first third-generation wrestler in the company’s history. He returned to wrestling part-time for WWE from 2011 to 2013. Johnson is widely considered one of the all-time greatest professional wrestlers.

Current Projects


Dwayne as: Black Adam

Release Date: TBA


Release Date: TBA

Jungle Cruise

Release Date: TBA

Big Trouble In Little China

Dwayne as: Burton

Status: Production

Release Date: TBA

Dwayne Johnson’s Tweets

@MrsdogC Stay strong sis. We’re all pullin’ for you.

About 3 hours ago from Dwayne Johnson's Twitter

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Posted by Website Staff
Date: May 17th

Dwayne Johnson watches San Andreas and enjoyed it.

“At Warner Bros and just watched #SanAndreas in 3D… Epic and powerful.. As is Sia’s emotional rendition of ‘California Dreamin’ she created exclusively for our movie. The only intelligent response I have at this point.. #HolyShitWhatAMovie #SoonYouWillExperienceItToo MAY 29th.”

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Posted by Website Staff
Date: May 17th


With the director Brad Peyton’s disaster epic just two weeks away, New Line Cinema and Village Roadshow Pictures have released more than three dozen new stills from San Andreas. Check them all out in the gallery viewer below!

After the infamous San Andreas Fault finally gives, triggering a magnitude 9 earthquake in California, a search and rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) and his estranged wife make their way together from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save their only daughter. But their treacherous journey north is only the beginning, and when they think the worst may be over…it’s just getting started.

San Andreas, “Entourage”), Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson, “True Detective”), Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four), Archie Panjabi (“The Good Wife”), Hugo Johnstone-Burt (“Home and Away”), Art Parkinson (“Game of Thrones”) and Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti (Cinderella Man). The film reunites Johnson with Peyton and producer Beau Flynn, following their collaboration on the global hitJourney 2: The Mysterious Island.

San Andreas is produced by Beau Flynn (Hercules, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island). Richard Brener, Samuel J. Brown, Michael Disco, Rob Cowan, Tripp Vinson and Bruce Berman serve as executive producers. The screenplay is by Carlton Cuse, story by Andre Fabrizio & Jeremy Passmore.

San Andreasopens in 3D and 2D theaters Friday, May 29.

Credit to Coming Soon Net
May 16, 2015

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Posted by Website Staff
Date: May 16th


Immortalizing Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson will have his hand and footprints immortalized in cement at the famed forecourt of TCL Chinese Theatre, in celebration of his new movie, “San Andreas,” opening nationwide on Friday, May 29th.


Tuesday May 19th


 TCL Chinese TheatrePress Check-in 1:30PM

6925 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA

Ceremony begins 2:30 PM

San Andreas is a disaster movie which shows the depths a father would go to protect his family.

Credit: BusinessWire
May 16, 2015

Posted by Website Staff
Date: May 15th



The Rock is about to conquer cable telesvis in the new HBO comedy series.

Is it too early to say the summer of 2015 belongs to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Not only id the beloved athlete-turned-actor kick off the summer movie season early with the billion dollar blockbuster “Furious 7,” but he also has the mega-disaster pic “San Andreas” set for release at the end of the month and a new HBO comedy series that is tailor-made for his charismatic strengths.

Looking at the lives of former and current football players, “Ballers” follows former superstar Spencer Strasmore (Johnson) as he gets his life on track in retirement while mentoring other current and former players through the daily grind of the business of football. Rob Corrdry, Omar Benson Miller, John David Washington, Donovan Carter, Troy Garity, Jazmyn Simon and Arielle Kebble also star.

The “Entourage”-meets-“Hard Knocks” series kicks off its 10-episode season Sunday, June 21 at 10pm

Credit: IndieWire
May 15, 2015

Posted by Website Staff
Date: May 13th

San Andreas – Official Trailer 2 [HD] by therocksourcedotnet

Over the past few weeks, Dwayne Johnson has given us behind the scenes of San Andreas plus many trailers to go along with it. San Andreas is a movie that you would not want to miss seeing. It looks to be action packed plus a little heart warming as well.

San Andreas – Official Trailer 3 [HD] by therocksourcedotnet

1. Dailymotion

Posted by Website Staff
Date: May 10th


Being a mother is not the only job. A mother is a nurse who heals your pain, a housekeeper who cooks and cleans for you. A teacher who teaches you the fundamentals of life. A therapist who listens to all your problems. A driver who takes you where you need to go. Oh and don’t forget mom owns the bank where she gives you money. Being a mother takes strength and passion to keep a family together. Your pure determination to hold your family together is the unsung song no one ever cares to learn. Your warrior instincts do whatever it takes to make sure your family is together. You do whatever it takes when times get tough to see your family through. The moment you learned it was a boy, you knew he was destined for greatness. You loved him, you kept him safe and you showed him how to be a great person. The things he didn’t learn right away, you stilled loved him unconditionally because you knew that he wasn’t perfect but he was perfect for you. That is what motherhood is all about. You showed him that you would always be there no matter what and that family is everything. You know what your reward for that is mama Ata? A 6 foot 3 inches tall handsome man who loves you no matter what and would drop everything to see you taken care of. You gave him the strength and wisdom to be the amazing father he is today to Simone. Your special gift is your son. A son who became who he is today because of you. So for me personally, I would like to thank you for having the strength to raise an amazing son.

His entire fanbase (Team Bring It) thanks you for allowing him to become who he is today. A man who takes time out to greet fans whether in person or on social media. A man who is leading by example and helping men, women, and children find their wake up call. An inspiration for those who can’t seem to find their way to their destiny. His motivation to strive gives all of us the inspiration to succeed. He inspires us because you inspired him.


Written by CiCi

Posted by Website Staff
Date: May 10th

For this Sci Fi movie, Dwayne is using a producer he has worked with recently during the filming of San Andreas Beau Flynn. Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer are behind the pitch which has Beau Flynn producing via his FlynnPictureCo. banner along with Johnson, who will produce through his 7 Bucks Productions.

The plot details are being kept on the dark side of the moon but the project is described as four-quadrant action-comedy adventure set in space. Independence Day, Armageddon and Guardians of the Galaxy are some of the watchwords.

The project is meant to act as a two-hander as well as launch a potential franchise.

The writers, who have several projects, mostly comedies, set up at studios ranging from Columbia to Universal, got the ball going less than two weeks ago over a dinner with Flynn and his exec Wendy Jacobson with only a one-line idea.

Sensing something out of this world, the quartet approached Johnson and his production company 7 Bucks, which fast-tracked development of the idea. (Flynn and Johnson have a long-standing relationship that dates back to 2012’s Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The two worked together on last summer’s Hercules and have San Andreas opening May 29.

The project hit the town mid-week and had several studios bidding. It came down to DreamWorks and Paramount with DreamWorks acting aggressively to nab it.

Dany Garcia of the Garcia Companies will executive produce and Hiram Garcia will associate produce through 7 Bucks Productions.

Jacobson will oversee for FlynnPictureCo.

Johnson, who is prepping to shoot New Line’s comedy Cenral Intelligence with Kevin Hart, is repped by WME and Gang Tyre. He is also starring in Ballers which premieres on HBO June 21.

Friedman and Palmer are repped by UTA, Mosaic and Sloane Offer.

Credit to Hollywood Reporter
May 8, 2015

Posted by Website Staff
Date: May 9th


Over the past couple of days, we all have seen a story go viral of a guy who wanted to test Dwayne Johnson’s diet out. A diet that consists of 10 pounds of food or a mere 4,000 calories. Some might think it’s crazy to eat that much, especially if you have little to no muscle mass. For a normal person, consuming so much food will have you married to the toilet until further notice. Obviously this guy never backs down from a challenge and almost half way through the challenge he loses it all and forfeits the challenge. I think what Sean Evans was missing is, the fact that Dwayne Johnson never stays still for that long. Johnson once said in an interview “I go to bed about 10, 11 or 12, and at 3 am I am awake eating breakfast and basically having quiet time.” For a man of Dwayne Johnson’s stature, he is no ordinary human but he is definitely not a beast. He is just a man who has been down and found his way up and does everything in his power to stay there.

By Ci Ci

Huffington Post

Posted by Website Staff
Date: May 4th

Over this past weekend, many from all over the world came together on social media to wish the always electrifying Dwayne Johnson a Happy Birthday. From former wrestlers to current co stars in his recent box office movies. Dwayne seemed to be the man of the day on Saturday as he celebrated his 43rd birthday. Many news sources such as Billboard and Comic Con also paid tribute to the Brahma Bull by posting reasons why they love The Rock. But one wish in particular that I didn’t think would happen this year was the #AnnualBirthdayTweet from the GOAT of boxing Muhammad Ali, but it did. As you know, Dwayne constantly lets us know who is important in his life, although he only follows 1 person on Twitter and that person is Ali. We know that we are in Dwayne’s heart when he goes far and beyond to stop throughout his busy day to give hugs, take pictures and yes photo bomb pictures with fans. We stand by him another year because of his generous and kind acts. One example is The Easter Miracle, a fan who had been fighting cancer spotted Dwayne’s truck and ran behind it calling out to him in hopes of getting noticed. Well he got noticed. The truck pulled over and The Great One himself got out and spent a few minutes with the young man. After the encounter Dwayne posted to his Instagram about how the whole visit brought him to tears. It’s like he was thinking, “I don’t know why some people go through what they go through, but I do it all for them.” Those tears signified to me that yes he is hard working and is well known but he hasn’t lost sight of what’s really important. Dwayne is now busy filming a new movie with comedic great Kevin Hart called Central Intelligence set for release in 2016. Also at the end of this month on May 29th the earth shattering disaster film San Andreas will hit theaters.

So if you are a fan of The Great One keep following because there is more to come.

Also attached is the video that our site made for Dwayne on his birthday.

By: CiCi

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Posted by Website Staff
Date: April 29th

What we should all learn about Dwayne Johnson is that when it comes to family, he will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. “The movie is about the largest earthquake ever recorded hitting California, and the effects of that,” explains the professional wrestler, known as The Rock, turned “Fast and Furious” movie star.

“I’m an LAFD rescue pilot, and me and my estranged wife (Carla Gugino) set out for San Francisco — which is hit by an epic tsunami — to find our daughter (Alexandra Daddario).

“There’s the epic nature of what you see in the trailer, but there’s also a real strong story about family,” Johnson continues. “I like having those elements because the visual effects are going to be there, the magnitude of the scope and scale will be there, and I think if we can ground it and root it in something we can all relate to, which is family, that’ll be great.”

Although he is famous for his moniker “The Rock”, he isn’t always strong. Yes, he does have moments where he almost loses his mind (panicking). Like the times when he couldn’t find his air pocket at the top of a massive Australian water tank inside of which he filmed submerged San Francisco shots.

Sure he wanted too try doing disaster drama first hand, but what drew him to the movie was being a divorced father. Family is EVERYTHING to Dwayne and that is one of the main reasons he took the role as Agent Hobbs in the Fast and the Furious Franchise, which latest installment Furious 7 wrecked box offices across the world. If San Andreas is anything like the Fast Franchise, look out Hollywood!

By CiCi
April 28, 2015